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Backworld are experts in seating and desking solutions. 

Sitting at a poor quality, ill fitting workstation all day is one the biggest causes of back pain and workplace absence in the UK. We believe every desk worker should have a suitable chair and a sit and stand desk. But with such a bewildering choice of solutions, finding the right one can be daunting.

We’re here to help you understand the difference between a lumbar support and a pelvic support chair. We always recommend trying a selection of chairs before making a choice and most of what you see on the website is in Exeter for you to trial. So please call us, we’re very friendly! Call us today, and we’ll discuss your requirements. We have a showroom in Marsh Barton where we can meet you by appointment, or we can visit you in your home or work so that you can be sure the products you select are right for you. We are open for business and have some chairs in stock for fast local delivery. We also offer ‘TRY BEFORE YOU BUY‘ options.

Please call us on 01392 202012 to discuss your seating requirements.

For customers who are too far for us to visit, we offer a delivery service. Order via the website or call us to discuss your requirements. Lead times vary as most chairs are delivered direct to you from the suppliers. Please call us to check availability. Desks are delivered in 48 hours directly to your door for self assembly. Remember, prevention is better than cure – don’t wait until you have back pain before getting your perfect chair or desk.

Vela Chairs

Vela make stable, functional chairs, to help people with various mobility issues stay independent at home and at work.

The Tango looks more like an office chair, but has a lot more functionality than you’ve seen in a chair before.

Browse our range of vela chairs

Best Sellers


MEDesign Backfriend Single padded

Combined backrest and seatpad will fit in any seat.

Designed by a leading Orthopaedic Consultant for correctly contoured lumbar and thoracic support.

Light and portable to carry and use anywhere – car – home – office – leisure – travel.

Height adjustable to suit the individual user.

Single (SP) or double-padded (DP) seatbase options available. Most people chose the single padded seat. The double padded is recommended for those permanently seated but some people just like the extra padding. Beware this could be a problem in a car seat for taller users. Maybe a benefit for the shorter driver!

We usually have oatmeal, blue and burgandy in stock. Other colours are available, please call 01392 202012.

Tested amongst 12 back supports by What Car magazine who gave the MEDesign Backfriend (their only) 5 star rating.
We quote: The MEDesign Backfriend is the only one we recommend: it can make a bad seat good. Beautifully designed to allow freedom of movement; excellent support while avoiding pressure points. Highly recommended.

Width: 29½cm (11½”)
Height: 48cm (19”)
Padding: 2½cm (1”)

Width: 41cm (16”)
Depth: 36½cm (14½”)
Padding: SP – 2½cm (1”) or DP – 5cm (2”)

Total weight: 1.6kg (3½lb)
CE Marked



£69.60 Incl. VAT
£69.60 Incl. VAT

Ergoslider Plus +

Ergoslider Plus+ has an extremely low, elegant design. This is to give the user absolute comfort, for a preventive, natural position without tension during daily work with the computer.

All button functions are centred on the manoeuvre panel for access and natural tactility on the keyboard. The comfortably soft removable wrist support gives a nice rest for the wrist and can be supplemented, when necessary with a larger and deeper support for increased comfort.

Works particularly well with Salli chairs and desk.

Ultra-slim design and unlike other pointing devices, the bar can easily be removed and be cleaned.
Sensor 800 dpi laser, USB, Plug & Play, 5 button mouse, incl. Scroll
Dimensions: 390 x 102 x 23 mm, Weight: 300 g

£220.80 Incl. VAT

RH Logic 220

With their Logic range, RH have been setting the standard for task chairs for over 30 years.

Their class leading 2 point pivot system provides complete support in any working position, enabling you to always sit correctly and breathe properly.

The New Logic aims to improve on the outstanding features of the current 400.

Pictorgrams on all the handles and levers, enable the user to easily understand the controls, and quickly set the chair up in their perfect position.

The seat can be adjusted for depth to suit users of different height and leg length, and the waterfall front reduces pressure on the thighs.

The backrest is independently adjustable for height and tilt and can be locked in any position. An inflatable lumbar pump is standard and the unique “Tvedt” cushion encourages movement, an upright position and open posture.

Enhanced foams for increased comfort regardless of how long you are working.

The new tilting mechanism can be quickly adjusted for all users from 40kg to 150kg with just 7 turns of the control. It can be locked in any position, although for optimum performance we advise you to leave the chair ‘floating’.

Optional armrests are adjustable for height, width, depth and are turnable.

Optional headrest is adjustable for height and depth.

Designed and built with the environment in mind, with no harmful chemicals or glue, and Greenguard certified.

A black 5 star base and castors for carpeted floors are standard. A polished aluminium base and castors optimised for hard floors are available, as well as many other options to numerous to list here.

The 220 has a full height back. 630mm heigh, width 430mm.

We have listed a few of the fabrics and colours available. Please call us on 01392 202012 to discuss your perfect chair.

We usually have Logics in stock for collection or fast delivery in the Southwest. Black is kept in the UK for nationwide delivery and any colour can be ordered from Sweden.


£1,284.72£1,518.77 Incl. VAT
£1,284.72£1,518.77 Incl. VAT

Score Pro 959 Footrest

The Score Pro 959 is a sturdy heavy duty footrest. It adjusts easily with one foot on the prominent centre button.

Height range 9cm – 37cm and a tilt angle up to 22 degrees.

It has a large foot rest plate and non slip feet to keep it securely in place.

£237.54 Incl. VAT

Hag Capisco 8106

From legendary designer Peter Opsvik, the iconic Hag Capsico! Not many designs last over 30 years but the Capisco still looks fresh today and is one of Europes most popular chairs.

Highly customisable, and a huge choice of colours mean it never looks out of place.

Inspired by the horseback rider’s dynamic posture, Capisco was designed for greater freedom of movement when sitting and encourages a variety of unconventional positions.

A choice of heights allow it to be used in an incredible amount of situations nd is particularly suited to sit stand desks.

There’s a lot of fabric and colour choice. We’ve priced ‘Select’ here, which is the most popular, and 85% New Zealand wool. Please call us to chat about other options.


£1,249.20£1,264.80 Incl. VAT
£1,249.20£1,264.80 Incl. VAT

Salli Swing

Movement is everything when sitting, and the Swing action in this Salli chair is everything you need to stay healthy while you work. Designed by physiotherapists and made in Finland, Salli’s saddle seats are considered to be amongst the healthiest seating solutions available.

Sallis two part saddles keep the pelvis in an upright position and the spine in alignment while also offering benefits to circulation and ventilation.

The Swing mechanism makes the seat adapt to your movements and enables you to keep the back straight at all times. The mechanism provides 5 degrees of movement in all directions to help strengthen core muscles while you work.

Available in real and artificial leathers as well as wool, it’s also possible to combine two or three leather colours for a really personal finish – please contact us for more information on this option.

The metal parts can be black, polished or matt aluminium.

The innovative Salli reflexology base massages your feet while you work, encouraging you to move even more.

Available with a short, medium or long gas spring. Choose your colour from the colour chart on the Salli website and call us with your preference, or simply let us know in the comments section if ordering online.

10 year warranty.

Your chair will be made from you by Salli in Finland and delivered in approximately 3 weeks.

£840.00 Incl. VAT
£840.00 Incl. VAT

Conform Timeout

From Swedish manufacturer Conform, the Timeout sets new standards in comfort and versatility. With over 300 combinations of wood, base and fabric you’re sure to find a style that suits you.

The Timeout features a swivel return base and the headrest is adjustable for height and angle. The backrest reclines effortlessly and smoothly by lifting the handle on the right hand side of the chair.

There are a lot of options, so many it’s difficult to show them all within the limitations of a web page, so please call and let us know what you would like.

We’re featuring four fabrics here, there are may more:

Fantasy Leather – Fantasy is a semi Aniline leather and represents the mid range of Conforms leather options. It’s a full grain leather with a wide choice of colours.

Facet Wool – Facet is a 75% wool, 25% acrylic blend, so you get the breathability and strengths of wool, without the ‘scratchiness’ that some people feel.

Evita – A soft touch Polyester/Acrylic blend Evita is one of the most popular choices of cover. It’s subtly changes appearance with the change of the light.

Eros – A luxurious velvety polyester/acrylic blend, with colours to suit every room.

We are able to send out fabric samples to you.

Sides – You have the option to have the sides covered in the same fabric as the rest of the chair, or you can choose to have wood sides – Walnut, Oak, Untreated Oak or black stained Oak.

Feet – The standard foot base is 5 legged. This can be black or aluminium, or for a little extra you can have a wood inlay or a solid wood to match the wood sides of your chair. A ‘Quattro’ 4 leg base in black or aluminium is also available.

A 5cm taller back rest and an extra 3.5cm in base are also options. If you select the extra height base on the chair, this will also be applied to the footstool if selected.



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