mousetrapper keyboard

Designed and manufactured in Sweden, over one million Scandinavians are feeling the benefits of Mousetrapper’s range of ergonomic input devices.

The traditional mouse and keyboard requires excessive movement on our limbs, which is often the cause of common workplace injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI.

Because Mousetrapper is positioned centrally in front of the keyboard it encourages an ergonomically healthy position that keeps your arms close to your body and your hands near the keyboard.

This helps you avoid and in many cases relieve strain injuries that can arise from over stretching your arm, as is common with a conventional mouse. You no longer have to reach beyond the keyboard while using a mouse.

And with the Alpha’s combined keyboard, you can now reduce the amount of equipment you need to carry around with your laptop to work in a safe ergonomic manner, as well as reducing the risk of transferable germs that are commonly found on shared equipment.

The trackpad has a unique tactile feel, and is easy to control with any of your fingers.