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Håg Conventio Wing 9811

Meeting and conference chairs are nearly always horrible, and as delegates struggle to stay comfortable, so they’ll also struggle to concentrate.

The Håg Conventio Wing has been designed with conferences and meeting in mind. Its standout feature is its rocking mechanism, which is unique compared to most other conference chairs. It lets you move more freely whilst being seated, and helps to release energy. Thereby keeping your mind clearly focused.

At 420mm the seat will comfortably accommodate most adults.

The HÅG Conventio Wing 9811 is self-stabilising, so no more wobbling on uneven stone floors. It is a lightweight chair that is easy to set out and stack away. The chairs can be stacked fifteen high.

Armrests, a writing tablet and a connection device are available as extras.

Back height – 380mm

Seat depth – 420mm

Seat width – 430mm

Chair width – 465mm (600mm with armrests)

Available with matt black or silver coloured aluminium legs, and backstems and 7 colour seats.

£220.06 Incl. VAT
£220.06 Incl. VAT

Aeris OYO

With it’s elegant lines, saddle seat and gentle rocking base, the brilliant Oyo chair is so much more than just a pretty face!

Combine different colours in a stylish and modern dining room. Impress your visitors with something comfortable in the waiting room or allow the rocking chair to feed conversation in your meeting rooms.

This modern rocking chair encourages sitting in different positions and the saddle seat ensure that the pelvis is ‘balanced’, which helps remove stress from the lumbar region.

Available with a polished chrome or white base, and with colourful ‘Nexus’ polyester or a classy grey felt cover.

£409.00£459.00 Incl. VAT
£409.00£459.00 Incl. VAT