Vela make stable, functional chairs, to help people with various mobility issues stay independent at home and at work.

Vela are a family run Danish company who since 1935 have been designing and building ergonomically correct chairs for everyone.

The Vela Independence chair is an activity chair that offers assistive living and independence to make everyday chores easier.

The Tango 700 range features many accessories and adaptions. We have a chair in stock that is available to try out in your home or workplace.

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Safety Brake

Strong, easy to use brake for confidence and stability

Height Adjustable

Easily adjust your height to work at different levela

Optimum Ergonomics

Comfortable and fully adjustable to suit your needs

Safe Mobility

Smooth running wide set wheels to ‘walk’ the chair whilst sitting

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Vela Tango 700e

The Vela Tango is an extremely versatile solution that is suitable for anyone from teenager to senior adult.

The powerful, easy to operate handbrake ensures stability at all times and makes for a safe transfer.

The wide 4 wheel base is very stable, and allows the user to scoot their feet between the wheels for easy movement.

Electric height adjustment brings many benefits. The height can be set to the perfect height for working at a desk, and for ‘walking’ the chair. Shelves and surfaces that were previously out of reach can now be reached safely and items at lower levels can now be used. In conjunction with the seat tilt, the chair can be raised and used as a perch for those that are able, and transfers are safer and easier.

The Tango looks more like an office chair, but has a lot more functionality than you’ve seen in a chair before. There are a great many options, some simple such as push bar, some much more complex, for example an electric one button rise and tilt function. Call us to discuss your needs.

It has a large choice of sizes and cushions together with a massive range of accessories, there’s very likely to be a Tango to suit you.

We have a chair in stock and would love to bring it to you to try out in your home or at work.

£3,339.60 Incl. VAT