About us

We are experts in ergonomic office and home seating and desking

Backworld offers ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable desks as well as ergonomic accessories and specialist cushion supports that bring comfortable and healthy sitting to your office or home.

For the best variety of ergonomic furniture for healthy sitting at home or work, make an appointment to visit our showroom in Exeter or browse our products online. We always recommend you try chairs before committing. If you’re unable to come to us please give us a call.

Are you sitting comfortably?

It’s all about posture, having the right chair, being comfortable, and having your work at the right height. It is a fact that most people in the work place sit in a chair that doesn’t fit them properly. Being poorly seated at home or at work can result in bad posture and a myriad of related back problems that cause discomfort, pain, even injury.

With the right quality equipment, and being set up correctly, you can actively improve your posture as well as improve your productivity, health and comfort.

Thanks to our partners at Ergochair, we now have access to the “Easispec” programme which enables us to precisely specify a chair that is in effect tailor-made to meet any individuals specific shape and needs.

Back pain doesn’t have to be long term

With the right seating, it is possible to combat the root cause of many back problems, be it core instability, lack of strength to hold posture, or bad angles in the lumbar or hips causing sciatic nerve problems. Many issues can be actively sorted out with the right equipment, advice and a little determination.

The benefits are improved health and anything up to complete freedom from back pain. However, prevention is better than cure, don’t wait until you have a bad back before getting the correct chair for you or your staff.

Backworld, the full-service solution

Backworld is more than just a shop. We are trained DSE assessors and offer a full set up, onsite delivery and ongoing care and advice for the products we supply. Our products are chosen specifically to be those that have proven themselves in the marketplace.

Our customers vary from large businesses with many staff, to individuals working from home. Whether it’s a chair for somebody with specific needs, or you simply want to be comfortable working at home, we have a solution for you.

Meet the team

Paul Skinner is a trained DSE assessor and has completed Ergochairs bespoke Easi-Spec training course.

He’s passionate about seating and wants everyone to be comfortable at work and play.

When not at work he likes to kayak, walk, cycle and enjoys an occasional gin and tonic!