In our modern world we spend a lot of time typing and mousing. Using some of our smallest muscles to make many repetitive, focused movements can cause a variety of musculoskeletal disorders.

The correct workspace ergonomic accessories, designed to fit you and selected with due consideration to the work you are doing will help you to work in comfort and free from pain that can occur from the wrists to the neck, all day.

Vertical Mice.

There’s a reason a doctor sets a broken wrist in it’s vertical position. A vertical mouse allows the hand to stay in the more natural ‘handshake’ position, comes in various sizes and for left and right hand so they fit you.

Rollerball Mouse.

Lets one finger do the walking, rather than using your entire shoulder and arm.

Roll bar mouse.

Minimise movement by grouping all the controls at the centre and in front of the keyboard, and comes with a wrist rest.

Ergonomic keyboards.

A good keyboard has a low profile and small footprint with precise soft touch keys to minimise stress on the hands. There are now many different shapes too,  consult an expert before making a choice as the wrong keyboard can do more harm than good.

Posture supports.

Wedges are ideal at home, in the office and in the car. The angle of a wedge whilst sat tilts the pelvis forward and this in turn helps to correct the alignment of the spine. Reducing back pain and improving posture. This form of active sitting improves your muscles and can also improve your posture when you aren’t sat. We have a variety of solutions for back pain.

This is an are in which small adjustments have the potential to make a lot of difference, please call us for further advice, 01392 202012.

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Ergochair Actyv Leg Rests.

We can supply leg rests for one or both legs. Simple models have adjustable height and angle.

Articulated rests are also available to allow you to get the perfect angle to rest your leg. As well as single or double there is also a split model so you can fix the angles differently for each leg, so they are rested exactly where you want them.

Made from superior materials with memory foam as standard. Different height gas lifts can be supplied.

We can also provide a custom made leg rest to your specification.

Supplied as standard in hard wearing Phoenix fabric.


£190.80£454.80 Incl. VAT
£190.80£454.80 Incl. VAT

Hag Quickstep

Tilting footrest stimulates circulation. Can even be used for balance and stability training!

£193.20 Incl. VAT

Footform Footrest

Footform. Solid steel construction, easily adjusted by pressing the red button. This dual height footrest can be adjusted from 4-7cm or 17-30cm.

£213.60 Incl. VAT

Ergoslider Plus +

Ergoslider Plus+ has an extremely low, elegant design. This is to give the user absolute comfort, for a preventive, natural position without tension during daily work with the computer.

All button functions are centred on the manoeuvre panel for access and natural tactility on the keyboard. The comfortably soft removable wrist support gives a nice rest for the wrist and can be supplemented, when necessary with a larger and deeper support for increased comfort.

Works particularly well with Salli chairs and desk.

Ultra-slim design and unlike other pointing devices, the bar can easily be removed and be cleaned.
Sensor 800 dpi laser, USB, Plug & Play, 5 button mouse, incl. Scroll
Dimensions: 390 x 102 x 23 mm, Weight: 300 g

£220.80 Incl. VAT

Score Pro 959 Footrest

The Score Pro 959 is a sturdy heavy duty footrest. It adjusts easily with one foot on the prominent centre button.

Height range 9cm – 37cm and a tilt angle up to 22 degrees.

It has a large foot rest plate and non slip feet to keep it securely in place.

£237.54 Incl. VAT


At last! An ergonomic support for drivers, that is adjustable, and fits securely in place.

Car seats are just one size, and while they have some adjustment to allow the driver to reach the cars controls, they have very limited adjustment to allow the seat to fit the driver. Some car seats have a lumbar support, but how many of those can be adjusted so that it is the correct height for the various people that will sit on it?

Ergodriver is the only back support that can provide individualized support for the driver and is particularly beneficial to those with specific postural needs.

Ergodriver fixes securely to your car seat, and is lined with 10mm of memory foam for extra comfort and support. It is covered with a high performance Spacetec 3D fabric, with freshFX, that enhances the support benefits of the memory foam.

A choice of 5 air cells can be fitted into the Ergodriver.

Lumbar Cell – supports the natural lumbar curve, reduces disc pressure and assists in maintaining a stress free posture.

Sacral Cell – Support the extreme lower back and helps reduce sacroiliac pain.

Vertical Cell – Supports one or both sides of the spine to reduce pressure and or discomfort from asymmetrical postures.

Thoracic Cell – Helps to correct rounded shoulder postures, reducing strain on the neck and shoulders.

Reactive Cell – Three interconnected air cells distribute air across a large area of the back.

Ergodriver can be ordered either with the lumbar cell, triple reactive cell or a full set of all 5 cells. The sacral and vertical cells are the same, and are ordered as extras at £20 each. The thoracic cell is also an extra £15.

Ergodriver was developed by Ergochair in collaboration with the RAC to help support their drivers, who do physical stressful work, and spend many hours in their van seats. We are now able to offer this fabulous kit to individual, as well as fleet customers.

£238.80£282.00 Incl. VAT
£238.80£282.00 Incl. VAT

Mousetrapper Lite

Mousetrapper Lite is for those who appreciate the benefits of a centre point device, but do not want any more functions than is necessary.

A centre pointed device relieves and prevents repetitive strain injuries and other problems that can occur when you use a conventional mouse. By placing the pointer at the centre of your work, and combining a light touch pad with four nearby programmable keys, Lite reduces movement and the potential for injury. Soft strain reducing wrist rests complete this well designed product.

Lite features the same unique track and click trackpad of Mousetrappers other devices, paired with 4 buttons and soft wrist rests in a USB plug and play device.

Optimised for full sized keyboards.

Connect to  your Mac or PC with the supplied USB cable.

Key Features

  • Super-slim, ergonomic design
  • Control pad with click and scroll functions
  • 4  programmable buttons
  •  Wrist supports
  • Height adjustment with folding non-slip surface
  • Width: 495 mm
  • Height: 25 mm
  • Depth: 125 mm
  • Weight: 695 g
£249.60 Incl. VAT

Mousetrapper Standfriend

Mousetrappers Standfriend is an intelligently designed laptop stand that lets you change between sitting and standing, without the expense of a new desk.

Designed in Sweden, the Standfriend is quickly assembled, and adjusted for work at different heights.

Smart design makes the Standfriend easy to set up. And the generous sized work surfaces have enough space to hold a mobile phone and a glass of water.

The surfaces are not only a generous size, they are also dual coloured so they can be used either way up to compliment your working space.

Standfriend packs away neatly. It is elegant enough to be hung on a wall, and slim enough to be stowed away.

Standing, as well as sitting throughout your working day improves concentration, stamina and wellbeing.

On a 70cm high worktop, the Standfriend will suit people ranging from 150cm to 190cm tall.

Maximum screen size 17″.

Maximum weight 10kg.

For maximum benefit, pair the Standfriend with a centre pointed mouse.

£264.00 Incl. VAT

Mousetrapper Advance

Advance 2.0 is Mousetrappers best selling product. Advance 2.0 relieves and prevents repetitive strain injuries and other problems that can occur when you use a conventional mouse. By placing the pointer at the centre of your work, and combining a light touch pad with six nearby programmable keys, Advance reduces movement and the potential for injury. Soft strain reducing wrist rests complete this well designed product.

A total of six programmable buttons give you plenty of options for setting up your Mousetrapper exactly the way you want. If that’s not enough see Prime, which has 8 buttons or Alpha for 19. The MT Keys software which is available for PC or Mac, easily lets you configure the buttons functions.

Connect to  your Mac or PC with the supplied USB cable. A folding keyboard support makes Advance equally compatible with standard and low profile keyboards.

Key Features

  • Super-slim, ergonomic design
  • Control pad with click and scroll functions
  • 6 programmable buttons for customisation to your needs, using MT Keys
  • Replaceable wrist supports
  • Height adjustment with folding non-slip surface
  • 2000 dpi
£274.80 Incl. VAT

Eiger Pro Standing Desk

At last, a standing desk that looks terrific in the home. Convert any desk or table into a standing desk in seconds.

The Eiger Pro standing desk is made in the UK from 18mm birchwood ply. It’s modular design can be assembled and dis-assembled in seconds and weighs just 9kgs.

Fully adjustable to suit any user, and easy to move when your work is done.

The main shelf is 670mm x 380mm and also incorporates a mobile stand and a pen well.

The smaller top shelf is 480mm x 280mm and will accommodate a lap top or a single monitor.

The Eiger Pro Plus comes with a larger top shelf, 840mm x 300mm and is large enough for two monitors.

Built to last and backed up with a lifetime warranty.

Delivered in 2 – 3 days.

£292.80£322.80 Incl. VAT
£292.80£322.80 Incl. VAT
desk exercise bikeexercise bike and height adjustable desk

Desk Exercise Bike

You want to do more exercise but struggling for time? Exercise while you work with the Workercise Pro. And unlike a walking pad, with an exercise bike, your upper body stays relatively still, so continuing your work is much easier.

The integrated digital display shows readouts for workout time, calories burnt and speed. With 8 resistance levels from light to more robust workouts exercising has never been easier!

And when you’ve finished working, the feet fold away for easier storage.

Note that the sitting height is higher than a traditional fixed height desk so we would recommend pairing the bike with a height adjustable desk.

  • Height range: 750mm – 940mm
  • Width: 590mm
  • Length: 780mm
  • Max user weight: 135kg
  • 2 year warranty
  • Foldable space-saving feet for easy storage
  • Pneumatic lever seat adjustment
  • Lockable gravity castors stop the bike from moving whilst in use.


DCA Footrest x 10

Dining room tables are higher than work desks. It is essential that the feet are firmly on the floor while working. This simple footrest, discounted for delivery to a single destination, will help home working colleagues work safely.

A simple sturdy footrest.

The platforms angle adjusts for comfort.

Non slip feet to keep it in place.


Contour Rollermouse Red

The Contour Rollermouse is a revolutionary ergonomic device to replace your traditional computer mouse.

Research shows that approximately 35% of everyone, who’s job involves a lot of time working with computers will suffer from ‘Mouse arm’ – a generic term that encapsulates many repetitive strain injures, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and RSi.

Placed in front of the keyboard, a centre pointed mouse reduces the working area, and excessive movement of the mousing arm as well as simultaneously increases synergy in the workflow.

The Contour Rollermouse can be used with both hands, and requires only a light touch, thus further reducing strain on the arm.

The Red model is available wireless or USB, and features 7 buttons. They are pre programmed with the most common features of a mouse, such as double click and right click, but 6 of them can be programmed to suit your particular needs.

Red will work with most browsers on PC or Mac and can serve up to 3 screens. For those with large hands select the Red Plus, and if you lean on your desk for extra support the Red Max.

£349.99£439.18 Incl. VAT
£349.99£439.18 Incl. VAT

Mousetrapper Alpha

Alpha is Moustrapper’s most comprehensive product. It combines the benefits of a central pointing device and the user friendliness of a full sized keyboard.

Mousetrapper Alpha is the world’s first centred ergonomic pointing device with a full-sized, integrated keyboard. Alpha has a total of 19 programmable keys, making it our most dynamic Mousetrapper to date.

Alpha connects via Bluetooth or USB and has a long battery life. Combining Alphas intuitive centred pointing device with a keyboard has created a perfect ergonomic solution for laptop users. Connect up to 4 bluetooth devices and switch between two at the touch of a button.

By combining a keyboard with a pointing device, Mousetrapper limits the range of movement required, and keeps all the controls at the centre of your work.

There are also benefits for hygiene. Connect your Mousetrapper to any computer and you no longer have to be concerned with ensuring shared input devices are clean.

Up to 2 months battery life on a single charge.

Bluetooth 4.1

2000 dpi

19 customisable programmable keys

width – 313mm

Height – 20mm

Depth – 230mm

Bluetooth 4.1

2000 dpi

19 customisable programmable keys

width – 313mm

Height – 20mm

Depth – 230mm

Weight -745g

£351.60 Incl. VAT