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Chair Assessment

Ergonomic chairs come with lots of controls and a large range of settings.  If you need an expert to to help you set up a chair you already have, our assessment and set up service will check firstly that you chair is suitable for you and the work you are doing, and we will then show you what all of the controls do and how to set them correctly.

Price quoted is for individuals within 25 miles of Exeter. We see a lot of users in offices that have no idea what the chair can do, let alone how to do it. If you’d like us to come in to your office and advise on a number of users, please call to discuss.


£60.00 Incl. VAT

Workstation Assessment

Our hour long workstation assessment will cover everything from the chair and desk set up, to the accessories and environment.

If you or your colleagues are experiencing any sort of musculoskeletal disorder, whether it be lower back pain or an upper limb problem, then we aim to identify the problem and offer solutions.

Very often the solution will be an adjustment to the keyboard or mouse position, the repetitive nature of keying and mousing magnifies even small errors in the set up.

Sometimes we may need to find a chair that fits the user.

Price is for a single user. For multiple assessments, please call us to discuss your needs.


£78.00£90.00 Incl. VAT
£78.00£90.00 Incl. VAT